Lilly Card Activation – Lilly Savings Card 2021

Lilly Savings Card Activation –

Lilly Card Activation [Activate Lilly Card] Hereby the help of this post, You can learn about Lilly card activation procedure. 

Ones you receiving your new Lilly card then Activation is primary and the only way to enjoy its benefits and services. So this article will help you to understand the Lilly card activation procedures. This post considered every possible easy way in a few steps. Just read it carefully from the top to bottom. Surely you will get quick access of your Lilly card.

Lilly card activation online at and Activation of Lilly card over the phone number. You can get knowledge about Lilly customer service and Lilly card Login benefits too.

Terms and Conditions-Lilly Card Activation

  • You should be a resident of the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • You should be 18 years of age or older.
  • For activation of
  • Lilly Card activation online, you must need an online banking account and proper Username and password.
  • For activation over the Phone Number method, requires a registered phone number with Lilly.
  • Please provide your card details while activating Lilly Card to keep your new card in your hand.

Benefits-Lilly Card Activation

  • Lilly Card Activation helps you for mental health, diabetes, growth hormone disorders, men’s health, osteoporosis, oncology, psoriasis, rheumatology, and migraine prevention through our patient assistance program.
  • It’s essential to Lilly Cares to make sure that those who can benefit from these medicines have access to them.

How To Activate Lilly Card?

If you have Recently received your savings card either in hand or in the mail then you will need to proceed with the Lilly Card Activation before using it. You can activate Lilly card with following methods:

  • Lilly Card Activation Online 
  • Lilly Card Activation Over The Phone Number

Lilly Card Activation Online 

  • Firstly, You have to visit Lilly card activation official Website at
  • Once you get to the page, you will have to answer three questions
  • Answer them and ensure that you only give positive answers
  • Then, enter the RxGroup Number. It is a 9-digit figure on the front of your Lilly saving card.
  • Now insert your 12 Digits RXID which are located on your front side your card.
  • Finally, click on the ” submit” button.
  • Your card will be successfully activated.

Lilly Card Activation Over The Phone Number

  • Kindly call on Lilly card activation number 1-866-923-1953
  • You can contact Customer Care by calling at the number listed on your Savings Card if you face any difficulties during activation of Lilly card.
  • If you are the card is lost or stolen then immediately contact Customer Service by calling at the number mentioned on your card.
  • Never give the RxGroup number and the RxID number printed on the front of your card to an unknown person.

Lilly Customer Service

  • Contact us at 1-800-545-6962 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST.
  • visit Lilly Care:

About Lilly

Type Public
Traded as
  • S&P 100 component
  • S&P 500 Index component
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 1876; 143 years ago
Founder Eli Lilly
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Key people David A. Ricks (Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO)
Joshua Smiley (CFO)
Products Pharmaceutical drugs
Revenue  US$22.871 billion (2017)
Operating income  −US$2.145 billion (2017)
Net income  US$204.1 million (2017)
Total assets  US$44.981 billion (2017)
Total equity  US$ 11.668 billion (2017)
Number of employees 40,655 (2017)

Smart Tips

  • Make sure that never ever share your card details with anyone.
  • Never ever save your card details like user name and PIN in any merchant site.
  • Never share your card number, PIN number or any other personal details to a stranger.

Final Words

I am sure that you got the best way to activate Lilly card. You can activate Lilly card online at and you can activate Lilly card over the phone number too. so if you are facing

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